"A well written newsletter can be a licence to print money ... but not everyone has the time or inclination to write a well-written newsletter!"

Ezine Academy Instant Newsletters
come to the rescue...

Writing a newsletter can be a very profitable business but not everyone is cut out to write entertaining and compulsive reading from the start. There is no question that the best performing newsletters are the ones that grab their readers attention with interesting content, but the skill to write that way is something that most people have to learn.

Sadly, most would-be newsletters publishers give up in frustration long before they acquire the writing skills that would enable them to see the real profits flowing.

That's where the Ezine Academy Instant Newsletters come in really useful.

The Instant Newsletters pack contains 104, tested, pre-written newsletters, each one filled with useful, interesting, evergreen content that has been proven to be popular with readers in all kinds of different niches. All you need to do before you send them out to your readers is add a paragraph of personal introduction and a product recommendation (if you wish) and you're ready to go.

Over 90% of the work is done for you!

Of course, in the long term it is always better to find your own voice and learn how to write your newsletters for yourself - and in time that's exactly what the most successful newsletter publishers do. But when you are the start of your career there are lots of reasons why having a store of ready-to-go quality newsletters can be a godsend:

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Ezine Academy Instant Newsletters

The solution is - Ezine Academy Instant Newsletters.

Ezine Academy Instant Newsletters are full of great content that your readers will love. Each segment of each Instant Newsletter has been field tested and received the seal of approval from real readers. This is content that suits any business and is specially created to be completely evergreen.

The big question that I am often asked is "which niche are they aimed at?"

The answer is almost every niche!

The content is designed to be interesting to people. One of my own personal secrets to success is the understanding that no matter what niche a newsletter is supposed to be about, its readers are still well-rounded, multi-interest people who appreciate reading interesting and useful information no matter whether it is 'on topic' or not. Take note of that because it is a powerful fact that can literally multiply your profits.

Understanding that was the eureka moment that transformed my own hum-drum newsletter that barely made hobby money and had minimal response from readers into a full-time income machine that had readers writing and responding in their droves.

The key to unlocking sales...

It turned out that not only was this the kind of content that readers wanted, and responded to, but also it made them more inclined to buy. Time and time again my little newsletter outperformed far bigger lists in affiliate competitions and my earnings per click (one of the most important metrics that newsletter publishers monitor) was far higher than almost everyone else.

This is the result of just one email sent out using the same kind of content as you'll receive in the Ezine Academy Instant Newsletters pack - income of over $1800 (within the first 24 hours) and an earnings per click figure 2.4 time higher than the nearest competitor (who has a list ten times the size of mine!)

Of course, I can't promise that you'll get results like these, but this example serves to show what is possible from a well-written newsletter that readers really connect with.


Martin - within minutes of sending out the very first issue the phone started ringing from clients calling to say thank you.

These were clients we hadn't heard from for years, but now they are talking about giving us business again. AC

What Price Freedom?

Writing a newsletter can easily take 2 hours or more - if you can find the inspiration of what to write about. For all the reasons stated earlier you may not be willing or able to devote that kind of time, especially in the early days when you are still building your list.

By using the Ezine Academy Instant Newsletters you can get a quality newsletter out to your readers in a fraction of the time writing from scratch would take - under 15 minutes! That's a saving of at least 105 minutes pre newsletter!

Using the current US Federal Minimum Wage of $7.25 per hour, that works out to $12.68 per newsletter - and I bet you value your time higher than that!

The whole pack of 104 Instant Newsletters could save you 10,920 minutes of your precious life, which equates to $1,319.50 at U.S. minimum wage rates. (Or over $1,800 if you are in the UK).

A very special offer

Today, the entire set of 104 Ezine Academy Instant Newsletters can be yours for a fraction of their true worth.

Buy now and receive the entire pack for the one-time payment of just $197

Ezine Academy Instant Newsletters

Can I see an example before I buy?

Absolutely. Below is the first one in the pack.

The header and footer parts you would need to write once and reuse them for all your newsletters. The personal introduction needs only be a few short paragraphs that you write for each issue, and of course, the offer is the part that makes you money, so you'll want to write a nice, relevant product recommendation. Simple and quick!

***Your own newsletter header


***Personal introduction


Thought For Today

In Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll wrote "Sometimes I've
believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

Today, I don't know if you've had your breakfast or not yet, but
I certainly don't want you to believe six impossible things. Just
one will do to start with.

The one impossible thing that I want you to believe today - and I
really mean BELIEVE it with every ounce of your being - is that
you CAN.

You CAN achieve success.

You CAN do anything that you WANT to do.

You CAN ... fill in your own blank!

With that fundamental belief, anything that is physically
possible is within your range. At at times, even disability isn't
a barrier if you have sufficient belief.

I read recently about a young man who was a successful
mountain climber. He had a fall and trapped his arm between two
rocks. He had a choice that most of us couldn't imagine having to
take - he could hang there until he died, or he could cut off his
own arm. He chose to live. But that horrific tale isn't the end
of it.

He could easily have decided that without an arm, his mountain
climbing days were over, but not this guy. He has the fire of 'I
Can' burning like a torch inside of him.

He now has a prosthetic arm, shaped like a pirate's hook and he
is back climbing mountains like he never left off.

They have even made a movie about him!

You don't need to cut off your own arm to prove that you can
climb mountains - and we all have different mountains to tackle
in any case. What you do need is an absolute, unshakeable
certainty that you CAN climb it.

When you KNOW that you CAN, actually doing it doesn't seem so
hard after all.


Benjamin Disraeli said,

"Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness
without action."

A Moment's Inspiration

If you think you are beaten you are;
If you think you dare not, you don't.
If you'd like to win, but you think you can't,
It's almost a cinch you won't.

If you think you'll lose, you're lost,
For out in the world we find
Success begins with a fellow's will;
It's all in the state of mind.

Walter D. Wintle.

This Week's Quick Tip

Take ten minutes break. Right now. Plan your day on paper. Make
yourself a list of everything you would like to achieve today.
That's right, everything.

Now, get two colored highlighter pens and mark all the tasks that
will take more than half an hour, and all those that will take

Set your own priorities for the jobs, but make sure you complete
at least two short ones for every long one.

For every long job crossed off the list or two short ones, give
yourself a small reward. A five minute break, a square of
chocolate, a cup of coffee. You choose.

Now watch as your busy schedule starts to make more sense.

Welcome to the wonderful world of time management.

Just For Fun

Goldfish are the only known animal that can see in both infrared
and ultraviolet light.




I'm dyslexic and hate writing emails, yet today I make a full-time income just from my email list!

If I hadn't purchased your newsletter template pack I'd have never had the confidence to send out that first email. Sarah Staar

A final word...

Ezine Academy Instant Newsletters are the fastest and easiest route to ezine success that I can give you. Writing a newsletter does take work - relatively easy and pleasant though it might be - and does demand that you invest a few hours of your time each week. While there are no one-click solutions or overnight riches to be found in the real world, there are sometimes some very effective short cuts. The Instant Newsletters pack is one such shortcut.

This is your chance to get the entire pack of 104 pre-written newsletters for the rock bottom price of just $197 and start building your own successful, profitable and easy part-time newsletter business.

Ezine Academy Instant Newsletters


I collect email addresses from visitors to my restaurant with the promise that they will receive a weekly boost to their lives. Then I simply add a couple of paragraphs at the top commenting on the week and making them a special offer if they come in over the next five days.

It works like a dream and even though the economy is tough we are doing more covers than ever before!

Don't go away Martin - I will want another set of your newsletters very soon. Tahiq Rohsin