A Full-Time Income
in Just 2-4 Hours a Week
From Anywhere in the World

That's my Reality...

Read on if you'd like it to be yours too...

Let's start by telling you what Ezine Academy is - and what it isn't

My name is Martin Avis and I write and publish one of the most responsive newsletters online: Kickstart.

I don't have a huge list of subscribers - nothing like the numbers that some online marketers boast about - but when I recommend something to my readers they very often buy. And that puts me in the top ten lists of affiliates - beating out people with lists ten times my one's size - time after time.

I make a full-time income from my newsletter, working just 4 hours a week - and often a lot less! Now I want to teach you how to do the same.

My long learning curve is your shortcut to success

Back in 2001 I started my first ezine. It was terrible. I had no real idea what I was doing - I'd read that 'the money is in the list' so I figured I'd go get my share.

Boy did I have a lot to learn!

You know - little things like how to write, what to write, who to write to, and how to attract subscribers to send it to.

Back then it was little more than a hobby for me, so I wasn't desperate for the money, which was a good thing because it was six months before I made my first dollar and about three years before I had built it up to anything approaching a decent income.

The trouble was, I had nobody to tell me how to do things the right way. There wasn't anyone teaching this stuff back then - or at least if there was I didn't find them. All I read was a lot of conflicting information from various gurus of the day saying what seemed to be working for them. I tried to copy as much of it as I could, but there were too many bits of the jigsaw missing and I just stumbled along.

But what I lacked in experience I made up for in persistence. Even though I wasn't making money, I always felt in my heart that eventually it would fall into place. And I had enough minor triumphs every now and again to persuade me that keeping going was worthwhile.

The One Day, By Accident, I cracked the secret...

Frankly, looking back I don't know what kept me going, but you have no idea how glad I am that I did because that apprenticeship helped me to crack the secret.

Okay, I know the picture on the right is a bit over-dramatic, but it does sum up the feeling of euphoria you get when everything falls into place!

 Now I spend just an hour or two a week writing each edition of my newsletter, Kickstart. And those few hours 'work' generate a very comfortable full-time income for me and my family. And a lifestyle that many people dream about :

  • No boss
  • No mortgage
  • As much time with my family as I like
  • All the gadgets and toys I fancy
  • And plenty of time to indulge my hobbies

They call it the 'Internet lifestyle' - the freedom to live life as you want to.

I'm nothing special and have no particular talents that you don't already have.

Of course, as it takes so little time to run a profitable newsletter, you don't need to give up your job (unless you want to). Everything can easily be fitted in around even the busiest of lives. I know one guy who makes excellent money from his newsletter that he writes on his iPad while commuting to work by train. And I often write my newsletters from the food court of our local shopping mall while my wife spends the rewards!

I made all the mistakes so you don't have to...

The reality is that so few people really make a living from their ezines that real hard facts about what truly works are rare. Sure, you hear a lot of advice bandied about, but I chuckle now when I hear it because I know that so much of it is just plain wrong.

I know what works. I've learned the hard way. And one thing I have learned is that there is absolutely nothing special about me. Anyone can do what I do, if you are given the right directions.

Ezine Academy gives you those directions and much more. It teaches you everything I've painfully learned over the last twelve years and it is your short cut to ezine success.

Don't expect an instant fortune

You won't find it here. In fact, the hard reality is that despite the many promises you'll see online, you are unlikely to find one-click, push-button success anywhere.

I don't belief in false promises or hyped claims

What you will get from Ezine Academy is a proven roadmap to help you build a real, lasting and sustainable business that will grow. A business that you can be proud to tell your family about. A business that isn't subject to the whims of Google. A business that will cost you almost nothing to start and run, but which will quickly have the potential to give you whatever your version of the Internet lifestyle might be.

I have always enjoyed teaching other people how to make money from their own ezines - whether they are in the Internet marketing arena or in such diverse areas as offline printing companies or video training. Once I realized that I had 'got it' as far as making money from an ezine is concerned, it just felt wrong to keep it to myself.

Of all the hundreds of ezines I subscribe to and monitor, only a handful really understand the secrets that I've learned. And none do it quite the way I do.


"My only complaint is that I could have done with this years ago. It would have saved me so many wasted years of barking up the wrong tree." Ellen D.

So what can you earn?

I earn a great income from my newsletter and I'm sure you could do the same, but it is impossible to make you any promises.  How much you can make will depend on so many different factors - your niche, the products you promote, the size of your list and the relationship you build with your readers (among others) that any forecast would be dishonest on my part.

I will show you a couple of examples of my typical numbers below, as a demonstration of what is possible, but be aware that your results may differ.

The real proof that the methods I teach you in Ezine Academy work is the fact that at the time of writing my newsletter, Kickstart, has clocked up over 1300 issues. Only a complete madman would write that much if the rewards were not pretty amazing!

Everything I make - every income stream I have developed online - has directly come from my newsletter. Once you have the right skills your own newsletter is like having the keys to the bank.

How about you? When can you start earning?

If you follow what I teach in Ezine Academy there is no reason why you shouldn't have a profitable newsletter within 3 months. Ezine Academy lets you hit the ground running and removes all the doubts, questions and mistakes that most would-be newsletter publishers face.

It's all about communication

My methods - the ones I use every day and the very same ones I teach you in Ezine Academy - are about effective communication.

The kind of communication that means you don't have to trick your readers to open up your ezine with dubious subject lines because they look forward to seeing your email arrive in their inbox.

That's how it should be - your readers should want to read what you have to say and not be bullied or scammed into it.

When you learn to write the Ezine Academy way, you'll have that and more.

But why bother to learn to write that way? Because an eager reader is a responsive one - one who will buy the products you recommend. They won't buy because you've harangued them to do so, they'll buy because they'll learn to trust what you say. With my methods you won't be an anonymous writer of a scrappy ezine, you'll be a trusted friend.


"I thought long and hard before buying your newsletter course. Now that I've gone through it in detail and started to build my business I think it may turn out to one of the best investments I've ever made." Alan C.

What Does Ezine Academy Cost?

Ezine Academy is a 237-page manual with extra reports and bonus material that is the most complete brain dump of everything I have learned about how to write, research, publish - and most importantly, profit from - your own ezine. There is absolutely no padding - it is my twelve years of mistakes, hard knocks, bitter experience, triumphs and, ultimately, success, all distilled into easy-to-follow chapters and laid out for you to learn from in plain English.

Every aspect of researching, writing, publishing and profiting from your own successful ezine is covered.

You get my entire business plan laid bare.

You won't need to make the mistakes I did. You will jump right to the making money part far faster than you ever could on your own.

The cost? $147

This is not - and I will not pretend to you - an overnight, push-button get-rich-quick scheme. I don't believe that such a thing really exists outside of the realm of fantasies.

What you are about to get is a real, proven, workable business plan that can make you a full-time income in a few short hours a week. A plan and a process that has stood the test of time.


"But I can't write!"

That's a cry I hear a lot from new students. But they soon learn that writing is easy. And you will too. A whole section of the book takes you by the hand and shows you how easy writing really is. The truth is, if you can have a conversation with a friend on the phone, you can write a newsletter. My way of writing - the profitable way - is quick, easy and instinctive for just about anyone.

A world of opportunity...

Running your own newsletter isn't just about making profits, although that's very nice. As you become established a whole world of opportunities can open up for you.

  • As you become well known in your market - as you will when people notice how good you are at selling as a affiliate - other marketers will approach you. Your personal network will grow and grow.
  • Products will be sent to you to review for free.
  • Friendships will be made.
  • Opportunities to be a guest at seminars and workshops will open up.
  • You may even be asked to speak, if you are so inclined.
  • The things you write about in your ezine may develop into fully-fledged products of your own.
  • Your growing experience in the online marketing world will open up new avenues for your business with entirely new income streams.
  • Don't underestimate the power of having a voice - just being able to say, in passing, that you write an online newsletter can cut through yards of bureaucratic red tape!
  • Your friends will look on in wonder as you seemingly create money from thin air!


"I can see straight away that this is going to be a very engaging and encouraging course, and I look forward to working with it." John P.

It's Bonus Time!

A bonus, in my opinion, should be something that adds value to the main product. Ezine Academy is pretty much complete and so finding something for you that is really worth having has been difficult. In the end I've created 3 bonus gifts for you that truly complement Ezine Academy and add real value.

Bonus #1: As with any business, the biggest challenge is not sustaining and growing your newsletter, it is getting started. The gap between 0 and 1 subscribers is far bigger than between 1000 and 2000 because initially you don't have the benefit of experience or action to drive you on.

I well remember sitting at my desk with great plans for my baby newsletter but no subscribers to send it to and wondering how on earth I could start the ball rolling.

Ezine Academy addresses that problem and gives you lots of tips, but I felt that a more focused hands-on plan that shows you exactly how to begin the process would be very useful as a supplement to the main manual.

That's why I have written the Ezine Academy Quickstart Guide to Getting Your First Subscriber. At 47 pages it is a complete ebook in its own right and is a very valuable, and totally relevant bonus that you cannot get from anyplace else.

Bonus #2: came out of the great feedback that the old Newsletter Wealth Formula received. A few people asked if they could have a simple, step-by-step plan to accompany the course so they could follow the process in a linear fashion and not get bogged down in detail.

The result is The Ezine Academy Step Plan - From Nothing to Newsletter in 10 Steps. It is a very concise 4-page roadmap that strips bare the absolute basics and gives you a clear plan to follow.

Bonus #3 is a video of a seminar presentation that I recently gave that covers some of the information in the manual. You'll hear and see me talking and even get to see a picture of me in my bathrobe (don't let that put you off though!)

The video runs to just over 84 minutes long and is an excellent accompaniment to the Ezine Academy manual.

Who should buy Ezine Academy - and who shouldn't?

If you are looking for instant success, then please steer clear because you'll be disappointed. And if you want overnight riches without having to do any work, this isn't for you. Good luck with that, by the way, because in all my years online I still haven't found that particular pot of gold!

But, If you want to run a real business that won't take up much of your valuable time but can still bring in healthy profits...

... and would like to learn from someone who actually does what he teaches

then Ezine Academy is most definitely for you.


After you purchase...

It is unusual to mention an upsell at this stage, but I thought you'd appreciate knowing what is coming, and why.

After you buy Ezine Academy there will be a single one-time-offer.

I'm rather proud of it, so will tell you about it right now. You are perfectly free to refuse the offer - you will be able to get it later if you wish, but at a higher price.

The One-Time-Offer you'll see the first time you log in to get Ezine Academy is for a set of 104 pre-written newsletters that you can use in just about any niche. They are full of proven, tested, interesting evergreen content that readers love. That's up to two years of content ready to go.

If you feel that writing is something you are still a bit cautious about and would like a head start, the Ezine Academy Instant Newsletter templates are exactly what you need. All you'll have to do is write an introductory paragraph, add a recommendation to monetize your newsletter and send it out. It can cut your workload down from hours to minutes!

Do you need to buy the upsell? Not at all. Everything you need is in the Ezine Academy course. The templates pack is there to help make your life a bit easier if you'd like that option.

Of course, if you do choose to buy the Instant Newsletters you'll save a bundle on the regular price.

One last thing...

"Is there a money-back guarantee?"

Yes there is. If you are not happy with Ezine Academy, I am not happy. So you have a full 30 days to read, study and get started building your own successful ezine business.



"I think it's terrific." Margy L.

Questions? Please email questions@ezine-academy.com